In all the keyrings we have produced over the years the ones that give the most memorable memories are the  school ones.

Clikring have been supplying  keyrings to lots of mums and dads in many schools across Dublin.
We have captured the laughs, the giggles, the tears and the joy of your childs schooldays. Many mums request a photo keying of their Childs first day at school.

Also when Santa comes to visit at Christmas a photo keyring with the big man is a must and a wonderful souvenir.

Communions and confirmations are also a firm favourite with the children themselves as they like to share photospace with their friends in something they can carry around with them the rest of their lives.

How it works

First day at school
Clikring in conjunction with the school visit first day classrooms taking photos of the children requiring photo keyrings. They are processed immediately and are ready for collection from the school when the children are leaving the classroom.

All photo keyrings are € 5.00 and € 1.00 of this is donated back into the school fund.

Also all keyrings will have a printed back with the name location and date of the venue.

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