First Day at school

iStock_000010620327XSmall.jpgI was first introduced to first day at school by a young lady in a dublin school.

She came to me with her one and only child asking if i could supply her with a photo keyring of the childs first day at school. I made an arrangement with the school and the lady in question for the following morningso as to oblige her.

On my return to the lady with her 3 keyrings there was 12 more mothers present with her all requesting photo keyrings of their child and some mothers had 2 or 3 children attending the school.

Needless to say i have been suppling keyrings to that school ever since along with many other schools.

it has become for me a big part of our calender year and continues to be a big hit with the parents.

Keyrings are €5.00 and €1.00 of which goes back into the school funds.

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